“Beautifully written with a refreshing story line and unique characters. Brigid Collins’ captivating details keep you reading with anticipation and the need to know more.”

Melissa M.

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A Protector over Winter

The price of love is dire, more so when fey and mortal dare to try their luck together.

Having broken her vow to remain in the Faerie Realm for a whole year, Chelsea Hewitt’s only goal is to make it through this miserable winter in the mortal world. That, and forget about the Winter Queen who almost stole her heart.

Alcohol helps. The continued freeloading presence of her ex-fiancée does not.

But the Winter Court—and the whole Faerie Realm—still needs Chelsea.

And with her heart still tangled with the magic of the Winter Court, Chelsea herself could fall.

Coming Soon:


Clockwork Kingdom Saga Book 1
Clockwork Princess

Automaton Queen of Clockwork Kingdom, Pretya, has one goal at heart: keep her copper-haired, steel-faced daughter, Princess Nilya, safe from the constant threat of the sky pirates.


Three Tales of Nightmares
Three Tales of Nightmares

Short tales of terror.


Clockwork Kingdom Saga Book 2
Skyship Pirate

Princess Nilya struggles to improve her control over her machines, wishing she could find a teacher. She should be careful what she wishes for.

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