“Beautifully written with a refreshing story line and unique characters. Brigid Collins’ captivating details keep you reading with anticipation and the need to know more.”

Melissa M.

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Three Tales of Monsters

What makes a monster?

Is it teeth and claws, unnatural power or malicious intent? Does the mere ability to destroy and harm mark one as monstrous?

These three tales explore the classification of “monster” in three fantastical settings.


Arctin is more than ready to complete his coming-of-age ceremony and bond with an ice elemental as his people have done for generations. But what comes to join with him is a creature of fire.

After the ensuing fiery destruction of his hometown, Arctin embarks on a quest to drive the unwanted fire elemental from him, no matter what it takes. No matter whose help he has to ask.

Killing Spree

Bar owner Spriegan isn’t looking for trouble. She isn’t looking to unleash the anger she’s kept tamped down inside since settling in this tiny outpost town with her partner, Zilly. She’s done pretty good, even after Zilly died and left her to hold down the anger alone.

But now, an upstart sheriff is going around town, demanding protection money.

Now, the townsfolk are riling themselves up into a frenzy of revolution.

Now, the band of berserkers Spriegan used to run with is headed this way.

And the anger inside is like to boil over.

The Protectors of Gold Rush Amusement Park

When you’ve sworn to guard the seals on an entity of evil, death does not release you from your duty.

Strong-dragon Tarpha, though now all dead and spirity, must still find the strength to contain the malicious spirit of the gold mine she and her mage-partner Maya contained centuries ago. But the humans who live at the base of the mountain have built up strange amusements over the ensuing years, and Tarpha isn’t sure she can do her duty alone.

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Winter’s Consort Book 4
A Protector over Winter

The price of love is dire, more so when fey and mortal dare to try their luck together.


Winter’s Consort
Winter’s Consort Box Set

The whole series, in one convenient collection.


Clockwork Kingdom Saga Book 1
Clockwork Princess

Automaton Queen of Clockwork Kingdom, Pretya, has one goal at heart: keep her copper-haired, steel-faced daughter, Princess Nilya, safe from the constant threat of the sky pirates.

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