“Beautifully written with a refreshing story line and unique characters. Brigid Collins’ captivating details keep you reading with anticipation and the need to know more.”

Melissa M.

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An Ally in Summer

The Wild Hunt rides the Realm. But will justice prevail—or vengeance?

Chelsea Hewitt would love to focus on the lovely understanding she and Queen Rimewing have developed. But The Lady of Tempests and her brutal Storm Folk must be found and dealt with first.

A summons from the Autumn Court interrupts Chelsea’s search. All who are called must ride with this year’s Wild Hunt.

This inconvenient detour could grant Chelsea leverage against the Lady of Tempests. But it’ll mean braving the strange horrors of the Autumn Court, and the questionable hospitality of Autumn’s Countess.

Coming Soon:


Three Tales of Monsters
Three Tales of Monsters

What makes a monster? These three tales explore monsters in fantastical settings.


Winter’s Consort Book 4
A Protector over Winter

The price of love is dire, more so when fey and mortal dare to try their luck together.


Winter’s Consort
Winter’s Consort Box Set

The whole series, in one convenient collection.

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