First things first:

Winter’s Consort book 1: A Prisoner to Spring is out now! The little idea for a short story I had back in 2018 grew up into a four-book series, and I’m just so proud of it. It’s got enemies-to-lovers romance, it’s got faeries, it’s got ladies smooching, it’s got kick-ass battle dresses. What else could anyone want? Head over to my books page to check it out!

Readers of my blog on my previous site may remember I did a Novel Dare challenge with my Dad in October 2020, during which I wrote book 2: An Ally in Summer, and another in November for book 3: An Enemy by Autumn. Those really helped me to both push through the work and harness my excitement for the project as a whole. A little friendly competition goes a long way with me.

Thus, my Dad and I will be doing another Novel Dare starting this month! This one will be a little different, though. Previously, we’ve always done our Dares over the course of one month, rather like NaNoWriMo. But this year, given both of our schedules and my promise to try not to work on the weekends, we decided to give a two-month Dare a try. We’ll be attempting to finish one novel each by the end on April.

And in celebration of the release of Prisoner, I’ll be working on the first book of the sequel series! The series will be called Spring’s Betrothed, and the first book’s title is A Seedling’s Game. I’m so excited to get to work on this one

Keep an eye on this space, because I’ll be updating with my progress as the Dare goes on!

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