Total words: 3,000

The March-April Novel Dare is underway!

The book I’m working on is A Seedling’s Game, Book 1 of Spring’s Betrothed. This story is going to revolve around Fleurianna, the half-dryad daughter of the Prince of the Spring Court who is looking for her place in life, and Lydia, a down-on-her-luck wanderer from the mortal world who just wants to escape the smothering machinations of her family. Will they find acceptance and happiness with each other?

I mean, it’s a Capital-R Romance, so yeah. Duh.

Things have been going a little slowly so far, but that’s okay! I tend to need a little squishy time with the opening bits of a new piece, and I really want to set up who our first heroine is well in the first chapter. We’re opening with Fleurianna, and I’m having fun painting her tragic backstory while making her present-day self ready to enact some change.

Sounds like my dad is chugging along, too, which is great. I don’t even begrudge him the fact that he’s ahead of my word count. Nope. Not even a little bit.

We’ll see what next week brings to the table!

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