Novel Dare weeks 2 and 3

In my writing group, we have a few oft-discussed topics.

One of them is: Brains Are The Worst.

So, listen. I know I said I was working on the first book of a sequel series to Winter’s Consort. I know I said that. And I am!

But I also had a short story to wrap up on week 2, which derailed me. And I have these ideas for how to rewrite an older novel to work as a standalone which I’m super excited about, and I needed to spend a few days hacking through that. I think I’ve got maybe a week or two’s worth of actual work to do on it before it’s ready to have other people look at it. After all that, I needed a day of pure thinking/brainstorming work to get through an early snarl on A Seedling’s Game. I worked that out, and was ready to get more words down on the manuscript in week 3!

And then my brain decided to drop a whole new series on me–a queer contemporary romance series set at a theme park. Oh man, I love theme parks!

…After week 3, I’ve got 5,000 words on what is definitely the third book of that series.

Excuse me while I go scream into a pillow.

But the important thing here is that I’ve been having so much fun while jumping between all these different projects. January and February felt like such a slog, just trying to get anything down on the page, watching my self-imposed deadlines slip past again and again. And now I’m so excited about three different things at once, I’m nearly at the point of rolling a die each day to decide which one I’m going to work on.

There are worse mental places to be.

Total word count? Ehhh…

ASG: 3,000

Theme Park Romance 3: 5,000

Short story: 2,000 (to finish it off, as I had about 3,000 done in Feb)

Old Novel Rewrite: Harder to tell, but I have a full checklist of things to be done and some hacking on one chapter underway. Let’s call it 1,500

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