September is here, yay! And I managed to get to the halfway mark on Protector on August 31st, so that means it’s full steam ahead with the second half this month.

I spent a lot of time last month feeling like I was spinning my wheels on the book, because as I approached the middle (and all its delicious, dramatic midpointy-ness) I realized that the midpoint I had planned for was not the best, most “oh no” event that it could be. There may have been tears at the point of revelation. There was definitely cursing. However, the new idea was much, much better, so I got over it. Thus, I had to spend a lot of effort first fixing my outline, then backtracking through the front half to make details match, split some chapters up, and even add a whole extra scene. So it wound up that I was sitting at something like “49%” for two or three weeks, even though I was scrambling to get work done.

Books be like that sometimes.

But that’s all behind me now! No more looking back until the whole thing is done, and I’ve already gotten a great start over the last two days. I’m optimistic that I can keep this fresh momentum going.

Also heartening, I just released a new book! The second book of the Sugimori Sisters series, Further Scientific Mayhem! with the Sugimori Sisters, is available in all e-stores now. I’m so happy to finally get that one out there, since the Sugimori Sisters are always pure fun, both to write and to read. And in this ridiculous timeline, we could all do with more fun, I think. If you like madcap science fiction adventures a la Calvin and Hobbes, maybe check it out?

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